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Air Fresheners&Natural neutralizer

ecological automatic air freshener and natural hypoallergenic odor neutralizer.
Automatic air fresheners:
Contain some some of the world’s best quality concentrated ecological fragrance essences with long lasting scenting ability, suitable for a space up to 300 sq. ft. the containerprovides approximately 3750 sprays sufficient for about 60 days (depends on the device timing ). We offer an astonishing variety of well known fragrances that together create a complete solution for scent distribution in spaces of various sizes.

Automatic air freshener dispenser :
The innovative and prestigious “ Aroma Premium ” line of devices are offered in modern decorative designs; the device includes a timer to set activation periods and a light / darkness sensor for optimal economy.

Aroma Fresh Miyo odor neutralizer:
This is an ecological, natural and hypoallergenic neutralizer that causes no harm to the environment, people or animals. made of selected natural fragrances, these products provide 4 benefits in one : neutralizes bad odors immediately (including animal odors), spreads delicate luxurious fragrances that last up to 24 hours, protects against unpleasant odors and disinfects surfaces and fabrics.
Textil Miyo Professional: neutralize bad odor immediately, protects against unpleasant odors ( cigarettes and sweat ) spreads delicate luxurious fragrance that lasts up to 24 hours.
Shoes Miyo Professional: neutralize bad odor from shoes, boots, sandals & socks with added delicate perfume essence for refreshing around the clock scent.

Pets Miyo Professional: the eco safe formula can be safely used on animals like dogs, cats, ferrets, rabbits, mice, hamsters, reptiles and birds. eliminate bad odors with delicate scent to your pets and surrounding areas.

Cars Miyo Professional: car upholstery bad odor neutralizer. Shielding the vehicle’s interior from bad odor with added soft perfume for refreshing scent for use either before or after using the car, idle for when eating or smoking in the car.

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